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Muscletech puts 220mg of caffeine into its standalone tablet product 100% Caffeine

muscletech 100 caffeine

Sometime in the past several months, Muscletech rolled out an all-new supplement using the dark and more hardcore look from its Performance Series. Despite all of the products in that line being quite advanced, that’s not the case with this one. The legacy brand’s latest effort is called 100% Caffeine, which you can see in the image above, dressed in that sleek and mostly black label design like the many items in the Performance Series.

The name of Muscletech’s 100% Caffeine gives away what it’s about, as caffeine is its only ingredient. The supplement is a standalone caffeine formula packing 125 tablets in every bottle, and in each of those tablets, you get a solid 220mg of caffeine anhydrous. The brand previously had something similar under its Platinum Series, but either way, you can now grab 100% Caffeine from many places, all with prices reflecting its simplicity.

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