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Naughty Boy finds room for yet another amino product in the hybrid Illmatic Burn

naughty boy illmatic burn

Naughty Boy decided to attack the amino category quite differently from other supplement companies in that it put together four separate products rather than one. The UK-based brand has two more basic formulas, one primarily featuring BCAAs another with EAAs; then there are the more complex, amino-based intra-workouts, one infused with carbohydrates and another with strength and size enhancing ingredients.

Despite the impressive variety of Naughty Boy’s amino launches or what it calls the Illmatic Series, it has somehow found a way to squeeze in one more entry into the family. With those first four Illmatic amino supplements now all out there and available for purchase, Naughty Boy has announced a fifth Illmatic product with Illmatic Burn, combining a full spectrum of recovery-enhancing EAAs with fat-burning ingredients.

Naughty Boy’s Illmatic Burn is due to hit the market soon and will feature a hefty 10g of all nine EAAs, and for the weight loss side of the supplement, there is a gram of carnitine, ProGBB, and 250mg of premium Innoslim. There are a few other features around the aminos and fat burners in Illmatic Burn to support hydration with pink Himalayan sea salt and a full 50mg dose of AstraGin to support and improve absorption.

The Illmatic Series of products from Naughty Boy has become one of the most comprehensive and diverse collections of amino products, with essentially something for everyone, even more so with Illmatic Burn on the way. As mentioned, we’re not too sure when the brand’s weight loss amino is going to make its way out to shelves, only that it’s coming soon with the usual 30 servings per tub in the one Cleo Coolade flavor.