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Marine-sourced collagen comes to the ever-expanding Nutrimuscle family

nutrimuscle peptan marine collagen

The ever-expanding French brand Nutrimuscle is going through its usual process of test-launching a supplement with a white and gold label before giving it an official place in its lineup and its usual white and blue branding. This is something we’ve seen the brand do with almost every new product, and this time around, it involves a relatively straightforward unflavored collagen supplement.

Peptan Marine Collagen is Nutrimuscle’s latest effort, which is a tub of 50 servings, each providing 5g of Peptan branded collagen to support healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints. As per its name, the collagen is marine sourced, as opposed to the usual bovine collagen. As mentioned, the brand is only releasing the product to a limited selection of people to start with full availability to come at a later date.

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