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Oatein’s Succeed brand pre-workout Voltage gets a much needed second flavor

Oatein Succeed Xplosive Blue Razz Voltage

Succeed is a line of sports nutrition supplements from the UK-based functional brand Oatein, that covers all of your typical categories, including three different protein powders. It is a very mainstream selection of products, not featuring any overly complex or advanced formulas, with its more extreme pre-workout Voltage being the most packed out of the lot.

When Oatein launched its Succeed brand Voltage, it was in one flavor with Xplosive Tropical Fruits, which is a big difference compared to its other pre-workout Limitless and its menu of three. To give the supplement a bit more variety and fans more than one flavor to choose from, Succeed has finally given Voltage a second option, keeping that naming style with Xplosive Blue Razz.

Oatein’s all-new flavor for its Succeed pre-workout Voltage is already in stock and available through its own online store at its usual price of £39.99 (54.82 USD) for a tub of 30 full servings.

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