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Phase One nutrition unveils its high-powered replacement for Pre Phase Remix

phase one nutrition stimmed up

Phase One Nutrition is getting ready to release another pre-workout, although it won’t exactly be an addition to the lineup. The brand is coming out with a supplement called Stimmed Up, and it is a replacement for its high-powered pre-workout Pre Phase Remix. Stimmed Up is trying to deliver a similar kind of experience with a strong stimulant effect.

Phase One Nutrition’s upcoming Stimmed Up is all about stimulants but still features a couple of ingredients for benefits outside of intense energy and enhanced focus. The brand has included 6g of citrulline malate and VasoDrive-AP to support pumps, and for performance and endurance, there is beta-alanine at its usual full amount of 3.2g per serving.

The rest of the ingredients Phase One Nutrition has squeezed into Stimmed Up are essentially all for the stimulatory side of the pre-workout with the likes of DMAE, Cocoabuterol, dendrobium, and alpha yohimbine. Caffeine is, of course, in there as well at a strong and reliable 350mg, with everything transparently dosed, which was not the case in Pre Phase Remix.

phase one nutrition stimmed up

Phase One Nutrition has carried over many of the same energy and focus ingredients from Pre Phase Remix to create Stimmed Up, although notably, it does not feature eria jarensis. The brand has several new additions to make up for that and do right by its predecessor, and it has fewer pump and performance ingredients, tipping its balance more towards that heavy stimulant angle.

The high-energy Stimmed Up pre-workout is currently due to arrive in the next couple of weeks, with Phase One Nutrition setting its official launch date as Wednesday the 18th. When the supplement eventually drops, it’ll be the same price as Pre Phase Remix at $49.99 for a tub of 25 servings and be available in two tasty flavors, Candy Apple and Sweet Peach Rings.