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Protein World drops two new supplements to go with its Summer Shred challenge

protein world shred bundle

Protein World from the UK is running a 30-day weight loss challenge where fans and followers could win £1,000. Alongside the challenge, the brand has put together the Shred Bundle consisting of two all-new supplements. The bundle comes with a Protein World shaker bottle, a bag of the protein powder Shred Whey, and the thermogenic formula Shred.

The new products from Protein World are a great idea to go alongside its transformation challenge officially titled the “Summer Shred”; however, the lack of information on them is a bit disappointing. Unlike the brand’s many other supplements, the Shred Bundle does not list the ingredients or dosages for Shred Whey or Shred in its product page at

All we have to go off is a description on social media, confirming Protein World’s Shred Whey has 32g of protein per serving from whey concentrate, and it’s low in calories. We have mentioned this many times before when brands don’t share facts panels; it’s just hard to get behind a supplement when you have absolutely no idea what’s in it, especially Shred.

If you don’t mind not seeing the ingredients, potential dosages, and nutrition behind either of the products in Protein World’s Shred Bundle, you can now grab it from its online store. The price of the set of Shred Whey, Shred, and a shaker is £38 (52.72 USD), although again, it’s difficult to know if that’s great value without seeing what’s in the supplements.