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Qallo sets its sights on the energy category for its next entirely new supplement

qallo qenergy

The still relatively new health and wellness supplement company Qallo is about to get into an all-new category and one that is quite different from any of its other products. Currently, the brand has three supplements on the market with QFocus to enhance mental focus and cognition, QSleep, obviously to support and improve sleep, and lastly QFlex for joint health.

Next up from the Belgium supplement company is QEnergy, which is a lot more mainstream than its other three products and true to its name; it is formulated to increase energy, enhance focus, and improve hydration. We have yet to see the entire formula behind QEnergy but can confirm a few of its features in Zynamite, taurine, electrolytes, B vitamins, and with energy as a primary benefit; caffeine is likely to be in there as well.

Qallo is not planning to launch its energy, focus, and hydration supplement QEnergy for another month, with its exact release date set for Tuesday the 21st of next month. The product is going to be available in full-size tubs and single-serving sample sachets with three sugar-free flavors to choose from in Red Berries, Mango Pineapple, and Lemon Lime Ginger.

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