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Rule One hints at some sort of flavored thermogenic-enhancing supplement

rule one sweat supplement

As we’ve seen it do many times this year, a week or so out from a new product launch, Rule One Proteins has dropped a teaser for its next release plus a clue-filled caption. The primary part of the teaser is the image you can see above featuring a traditional supplement tub but without a label and surrounded by and yellow or green-colored liquid.

The mystery product coming soon from Rule One Proteins is currently due to arrive sometime next week and to get fans excited, alongside the image, it has shared the line “Don’t sweat it, Rule One has a new product announcement soon.” Our guess, based purely on what we see in the picture and the keywords in that sentence, is a flavored thermogenic formula.

Rule One Proteins does have some weight loss supporting supplements, although nothing staple or any sort of signature fat burner. That leaves room for the brand to come out with precisely that, and it could be what Rule One has in store for us next week. We’ll share more details when they become available, but for now, your guess is as good as ours.