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Performance brand Soul confirms superfood as the category of its second supplement

soul performance nutrition superfood supplement

Soul Performance Nutrition is a small and growing brand that has one supplement on the market and surprisingly, it is not a stimulant-powered pre-workout. Soul decided to make its first product a very comprehensive performance supporting supplement packed full of well-dosed ingredients to improve hydration, endurance, and blood flow.

Electrolyte Endurance Powder is Soul Performance Nutrition’s only product, and it features quality chelated TRAACS minerals, PeakO2, elevATP, S7, coconut water, and one other premium ingredient in Senactiv. The supplement is well worth checking out for those that look for performance-focused formulas; however, our post on Soul doesn’t end there.

While Soul Performance Nutrition’s lineup currently consists of just Electrolyte Endurance Powder, it recently teased its second-ever product, and it included a few key details. The upcoming supplement is going to be for the superfood space and it has been designed to support natural energy and overall recovery, and help strengthen your immune system.

After seeing the approach Soul Performance Nutrition took with Electrolyte Endurance Powder, we have to imagine its superfood product will not disappoint on ingredient variety and dosages. We’re not sure when the supplement is going to be available, only that it’s coming soon, but for now, be sure to visit Soul’s website and get a closer look at its first product.