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Supermass is turning its three premium workout supplements into beverages

supermass nutrition pre intra afterzone drinks

Carbonated beverage is a fast-growing format of the supplement industry, as many brands have put together something ready to drink over the past couple of years, most of them being energy drinks. Finnish company Supermass Nutrition is another name currently getting ready to drop something in that area, although it has a lot more than just a single drink.

Supermass Nutrition is coming out with a full family of carbonated beverages, three to be exact, and each of them is a ready-to-drink version of an already available workout supplement. The products the brand has launching soon are beverage versions of its stimulant pre-workout PreZone, intra-workout IntraZone, and post-workout AfterZone.

We have not seen the facts panels or ingredient highlights for any of the upcoming drinks but have to imagine they’ll be aiming for a similar experience to the original and not feature the exact same formulas. The supplements have way too many active ingredients to fit into a sleek carbonated can, IntraZone for example, has a hefty 40g serving size.

The three Supermass Nutrition drink spin-offs of PreZone, IntraZone, and AfterZone, are expected to hit the market sometime soon, at which point we’ll be able to give you a better idea of what’s in each of the products.