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Apple Cinnamon announced and coming soon to VMI’s Protolyte protein powder

vmi sports apple cinnamon protolyte

Protolyte is VMI Sports’ well-known, popular, and premium whey isolate-based protein powder, which has been around for many years and has amounted a massive selection of flavors. It covers fans on both sides of the menu with unique and creative, as well as common and classic flavors, including the likes of Marshmallow Charms and Vanilla Cake Batter.

Despite having quite a wide variety of options, VMI Sports is missing a fruit-type taste from its Protolyte menu, although that is going to change in the coming weeks or months. The brand has announced an Apple Cinnamon flavor for its Protolyte protein powder, packing the product’s usually lean nutrition profile of 23g of protein with 100 calories per serving.