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Warrior gives fans a leaner protein bar still packing a solid 20g of protein

warrior diet protein bar

Warrior Diet is an all-new protein bar from the UK brand Warrior, and it is separate from its original and delicious hit protein snack, the candy bar-like Warrior Crunch. The key difference is in the name of the product, with Warrior Diet still packing 20g of protein like the brand’s flagship Warrior Crunch; however, it is noticeably lower in other areas of its nutrition profile.

The entire mix of macros in a single Warrior Diet protein bar sees that 20g of protein from milk, whey, soy, and collagen, alongside 18.3g of carbohydrates, only 1.5g of sugar, 3.9g of fat, and 184 calories. As mentioned, that is much lighter than any of the many flavors of Warrior Crunch, which also has a solid 20g of protein per bar but a calorie count of around 240.

Warrior Diet has debuted with two flavors to choose from, one fairly common for protein bars in Peanut Caramel, while the other is one of our favorite functional flavor combinations in Strawberry White Chocolate. Fans of Warrior can purchase its newer and leaner protein bar from its website for £1 less than Warrior Crunch at £17.99 (24.94 USD) for a box of 12 bars.