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Xplosive Ape gets ready to release its cream of rice competitor in two flavors

xplosive ape cream of rice

Straightforward cream of rice carbohydrate supplements are quite common in the UK and Europe, with several brands having something on the market in that area. You have the likes of Cardiff Sports Nutrition, Trained By JP Nutrition, the retailer Bodybuilding Warehouse, and now another brand from that part of the world is getting in on the action with Xplosive Ape.

The fitness apparel company turned supplement brand has shared a preview of its upcoming Cream Of Rice product, with the title ingredient being all that’s really in there. The supplement is going to provide 36g of carbohydrates in each of its 45 servings per tub, all coming from cream of rice, alongside 161 calories, and in two flavors, a traditional Vanilla and Maple Syrup.

Xplosive Ape is currently saying its Cream Of Rice will be available in the UK to all of its usual retailers and partners in roughly two weeks, which is between the end of the month and early September. There is no word on price yet, but with cream of rice as its one main ingredient, we imagine the Xplosive Ape product will be in line with other cream of rice supplements.

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