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Japan’s Alpron releases another EAA-based amino and this time it’s flavored

Alpron Flavored Eaa

Japanese brand Alpron has a new amino out this month called “EAA”, not to be confused with its other amino of the same name, and there is a key difference separating the two. Like the brand’s already available EAA, the all-new supplement comes with all nine essential amino acids, hence the name, at a combined dose of 5.9g per serving to support muscle recovery.

What primarily separates Alpron’s newest EAA is it comes in a much more colorful package, which is a reflection of the fact it’s flavored, while the original EAA is not. The product is available in two tastes, Pineapple and Energy Drink, and it’s also infused with a variety of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, B6, B12, and vitamin D, another feature not in the unflavored EAA.

Alpron’s colorful, flavored, and vitamin-enhanced EAA is now available in its home country of Japan at 2,679¥ (24.44 USD) for a bag of 20 servings, plus free shipping when bought directly through the brand’s website.