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Keto Cake Mix from ANS Performance is getting its second-ever flavor

Ans Performance Banana Nut Bread Keto Cake Mix

ANS Performance has gone in many different directions over the past few years, including the keto-friendly world, introducing several functional baking mixes. The Canadian company has a powder product to make keto-friendly brownies and pancakes in a couple of flavors, and very soon, it is going to offer an additional flavor for its Keto Cake Mix.

The Keto Cake Mix from ANS Performance is exactly what it’s titled, a mixture for fans to easily make keto-friendly cake in the comfort of their own home. Since the launch of the product, it has been available in the one Vanilla flavor providing 2g of protein per serving, 9g of fat, 9g of carbohydrates although a gram of net carbs, and a calorie count of 95.

As mentioned, ANS Performance is coming out with another flavor of its Keto Cake Mix, the first new addition to its menu since coming to market, and it will be a classic baked treat in Banana Nut Bread. We haven’t seen its official nutrition profile, but with the Keto Cake Mix name, we imagine it’ll have around the same as Vanilla and its keto-friendly macros.