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Protein Brownie arrives in time for AP Sports’ Labor Day Weekend sale

Ap Sports Regimen Protein Brownie

AP Sports Regimen’s first-ever protein snack, the AP Prime Bites Protein Brownie, is now available and just in time for the brand’s strong Labor Day Weekend sale. AP Sports is offering a worthwhile 30% off everything on its website through until Monday, including the Protein Brownie, and if you can spend over $100, you’ll also get a free tee and free US shipping.

With the launch of AP Prime Bites’ Protein Brownie has come the reveal of the nutrition profile behind the product, and it’s not too bad considering we’re talking about a crumbly, flavorful brownie. You get 16 to 17g of protein with 5g of that from collagen, 22 to 26g of carbohydrates with 6 to 9g of that sugar, 6 to 7g of fat, and calories ranging from 185 to 190.

As mentioned, the macros are not too bad, as while you don’t get that usual 20g of protein per snack, the calories are lower than most products with that amount. The AP Prime Bites Protein Brownie is now available from AP Sports Regimen’s online store, and if you get in during its Labor Day Weekend sale, you’ll only pay $26.59 for a box of a dozen brownies.

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