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Focus formula Overtime is Apollon’s next revamp and it’s dropping in two weeks

Apollon Nutrition Overtime V3

We’ve seen several new flavors and supplements from Apollon Nutrition throughout the year, as well as a whole bunch of new and improved versions of already available products. The hardcore company has updated the likes of high stimulant pre-workout Assassin, its fat burner Chaos, its packed out pump pre-workout Bare Knuckle, and now it is Overtime’s turn.

Overtime is Apollon Nutrition’s intense and effective focus supplement, filled with stimulants and nootropics to deliver a high level of long-lasting energy, mental focus, cognition, and concentration. Within the next couple of weeks, the brand is improving the product with a better combination of ingredients, although still aiming to deliver that comprehensive set of benefits.

The next version of Overtime will be Overtime V3, so it is a young and growing supplement compared to some of Apollon Nutrition’s others that are well beyond five iterations. We are big fans of the past two Overtimes finding them very effective even at half of a full serving and have to imagine the next one will be quite the experience if it is indeed an improvement.