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Arms Race shares the first look at Elevation and its four flavors a week from launch

Arms Race Nutrition Elevation

After several mentions of the supplement over the past half a year, Arms Race Nutrition is finally getting ready to release its long-awaited second protein powder, Elevation. This will be separate from the brand’s original protein competitor Foundation, as instead of featuring a blend of protein sources, it is a premium and lean, whey isolate-powered product with more servings per tub too.

Arms Race Nutrition has set Monday of next week as the official launch date of its whey isolate-based Elevation protein powder, and to get fans even more excited, it has shared the first look in the image above. The supplement is going to be packaged in a similar-shaped tub to Foundation, but with that leaner nutrition profile comes a smaller serving size, and as mentioned, more servings.

Elevation will have 32 servings in each of its 2lb tubs, and like Foundation, it is set to have a strong variety of flavors to choose from right out of the gate, all of which it’s unveiled in its preview. The Elevation lineup is going to start with traditional chocolate and vanilla options, Chocolate Ice Cream and French Vanilla, and two uncommon flavors with Frosted Cinnamon Roll and Fruity Cereal.