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Atlhetica introduces its functional, health and wellness Elements Of Life Series

Atlhetica Nutrition Elements Of Life

This week, Brazilian brand Athletica Nutrition is introducing its all-new Elements Of Life Series, a comprehensive collection of relatively simple and straightforward supplements. All of the products are geared towards health and wellness, with some of them being more functional, including Yeast Flakes, Xylitol, and Erythritol to sweeten up things like meals and sauces.

There are eight other supplements in Atlhetica Nutrition’s Elements Of Life Series, which are fairly self-explanatory and all come in easy-to-swallow capsule form. There are the ingredient-titled Omega-3, Vit-D 2000, Vit-C 1000, the B-vitamin-based Hair & Skin, Immuno+ for immune health, Collagen, Multivitamin AZ, and the standalone caffeine formula Energy+ with 200mg per capsule.

All 11 of Atlhetica Nutrition’s Elements Of Life products are available in its home country of Brazil, including through its online store, at prices reflecting their simplicity. The supplements start as low as BRL 18.85 for a bottle of Vit-D 2000 to BRL 25.35 for Vit-C 1000 and Energy+, and go as high 38.45 and BRL 44.25 for the functional items Yeast Flakes, Xylitol, and Erythritol.