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ATP Science puts ZMAG into flavored powder form and calls it ZMAST

Atp Science Zmast

Australian brand ATP Science, which can be found and purchased here in the US, has a simple new product out this month, and it should seem familiar to fans. The latest from the company is actually a spin-off of something it already had on the market in ZMAG, which is a capsule formula featuring magnesium, selenium, taurine, and zinc gluconate.

ATP Science’s newest effort is ZMAST, and like ZMAG, it brings together magnesium, selenium, taurine, and zinc gluconate at slightly different but similar dosages. The key difference with ZMAST versus ZMAG is the former is a flavored supplement, as opposed to capsules, providing all of the same benefits in Mixed Berry, Grape, and Pine Orange flavors.

You can grab ATP Science’s flavored version of ZMAG or ZMAST through its Australian online store for the same price as the capsule original at $29.95 (21.97 USD), although it has fewer servings at 45 per tub.

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