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Brown and orange-colored flavor up next for the popular Bang Energy drink

Brown And Orange Bang Energy Drink

Yet another new flavor of the popular and widely available Bang Energy drink has begun the beverage brand’s usual build-up and teaser campaign, with all we have to go off at the moment are its colors. As you can see in the image above, the upcoming addition to the extensive Bang Energy menu is an intriguing combination of brown and orange.

Like with most of the teasers and hype campaigns we’ve seen from Bang Energy over the years, we don’t have any confident guesses right out of the gate. While a few flavors come to mind with brown and orange, there is nothing we’re close to being sure of, especially since the brand has put out some unique creations like Rainbow Unicorn and Radical Skadattle.

We’ll pass on more information when we can get our hands on it, although if we’re on the typical Bang teaser journey, we won’t find out what it is until it’s officially available. Even though the flavor has not been revealed, you can pre-order the next new entry in the Bang Energy menu through the brand’s website at its usual $26.99 for a case of a dozen cans.

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