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Smooth new Coconut Cream Pie flavor comes to Core Pro protein powder

Coconut Cream Pie Core Pro

The ever-consistent Core Nutritionals has dropped another new release this week by way of another flavor for its sustained-release, blend-style protein powder Core Pro. If you’re at all familiar with the reputable brand and stacking favorite of ours, you know the supplement already has plenty of tastes to choose from, so it won’t come as much of a surprise that the latest addition to Core Pro is quite different.

With all of the traditional bases covered, such as chocolate, vanilla, and cookies, Core Nutritionals has gone for a unique and smooth combination of coconut, cream, and salty crust with Coconut Cream Pie Core Pro. The flavor comes with the product’s usual nutrition profile of 25g of protein from a completely transparent blend of fast to slow-digesting sources, 2.5g each of carbohydrates and fat, and 130 calories.

As usual, Core Nutritionals is releasing its newest item with a deal, where all of this week, through its website, you can grab a 2lb tub of the new Coconut Cream Pie Core Pro at $44.99 and get a free shaker.