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GAAM releases its take on the classic Cola for its popular GAAM Energy drink

Cola Gaam Energy

Proteinbolaget’s house brand GAAM Nutrition has surprisingly released another flavor of its popular and tasty, on-the-go beverage, the sugar-free GAAM Energy. The product features a relatively straightforward formula, focusing primarily on delivering anytime energy, with added vitamins, next to no calories, and a reliable 180mg of caffeine per can.

GAAM Nutrition’s GAAM Energy comes in a great selection of flavors, which, as mentioned, has been joined by another this week with the brand’s take on a classic Cola. Fans can now head to Proteinbolaget’s online store and purchase the Cola GAAM Energy in all of its usual options with single cans, a case of 24, and mixed bundles of 24 and 48 cans.