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Guerrilla Chemist is adding a new key ingredient for his new Chemix EAA+

Chemix Eaa Plus

Chemix EAA is one of the Guerrilla Chemist’s older supplements under his brand, surfacing in 2019; however, if you visit the Chemix website today, you’ll notice it is no longer on there. The original product packed a relatively simple combination of all nine EAAs at 10.6g per to support muscle recovery and an 842mg mushroom blend for additional recovery and energy.

It looks as though Chemix is replacing EAA with an all-new version called Chemix EAA+, which it has shared a preview of today. The first look at the supplement doesn’t tell us a whole lot, only that it’ll remain an amino featuring all nine EAAs to enhance recovery. The one other detail we have is the Guerrilla Chemist has said EAA+ will feature an important additional ingredient.

With so little to go off, all we can say is it seems as though the upcoming Chemix EAA+ is going to be what you’d expect from any sequel or update, and that is an improved version of the original. We don’t know exactly how improved or what additional benefits it plans on bringing to the table, but with the Guerrilla Chemist, you know all changes are backed by strong reasons.

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