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Granite enters the nootropic category although without the solid dosages we expected

Granite Neuro Stim

Like a few other well-established companies, Granite Supplements has entered the growing and competitive nootropic market with a product named Neuro-Stim. It is a lightly-dosed supplement formulated to support energy, mental focus, and mood, for all sorts of individuals and scenarios, including studying, gaming, day-to-day activities, exercise, really anywhere you could do with an all-around mental and physical lift.

Granite Supplements has brought together ten key ingredients for Neuro-Stim, starting with the classic stimulant caffeine for a nice reliable energy kick, although not at an overly large amount of 175mg. Alongside that is half a gram of taurine, 100mg of theanine, 50mg each of theobromine and the premium feature Coffeeberry, 250mg of tyrosine, a specific 31.25mg of TeaCrine, and a surprisingly low 25mg of AlphaSize alpha-GPC.

Granite Supplements Neuro Stim Label

The interesting thing about Neuro-Stim is it has 60 servings per tub, and with most products that have that amount, they recommend double scooping for a better experience, giving you 30 full servings. If that were the case, the dosages in Granite Supplements’ nootropic debut would be a lot more respectable; however, nowhere on the brand’s website does it suggest doing that, only directing users to throw down one at a time.

If you would like to give Granite Supplements Neuro-Stim a try, you can grab it starting today directly from the brand’s website in two flavors, Blood Orange and White Peach. The price of the product is actually quite low compared to the rest of the items in its lineup, coming in at $34.99, and that is for a tub of 60 servings.