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Haleo keeps it light and snack-sized in its Go Protein Bites packing 10g of protein

Haleo Go Protein Bites

Japanese supplement company Haleo has a new edible item to close out the week called Go Protein Bites, which is indeed a small, bite-sized, high-protein snack to have on the go. The product’s total weight is just 30g, so it’s far from your usual 50 to 60g bar, and that is reflected in the amount of protein and calories you get from each Go Protein Bites.

Haleo’s latest effort packs 10g of protein per bar with slightly more carbohydrates at 12.7g, 7g of that sugar, a low 3g of fat, and a lean calorie count of 105. The nutrition profile is right around what you’d expect if you scaled-down one of the Quest Bars or even a tasty Carb Killa Protein Bar, weighing half of a typical protein bar and providing half the protein.

Go Protein Bites from Haleo has launched in one flavor with Double Chocolate Chip, featuring a fairly plain-looking, doughy body with dark chocolate chips throughout to add a bit of sweetness. You can buy the product from the website of Haleo’s related brand Bulk Sports at ¥2,980 (27.09 USD) for a box of 12, which is not cheap with 10g of protein a bar.

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