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HTLT puts all it can into its sizeable six capsule serving of Liver Support

Htlt Liver Support

Greg Doucette’s comprehensive liver support supplement simply named “Liver Support” from his still very new brand HTLT, is now closer than ever and is due to become available later this week. To get everyone ready for what will be HTLT’s fifth-ever product, the full formula behind Liver Support has been shared, and like the brand’s pre-workout, it features a solid selection of ingredients.

The goal of Greg Doucette and HTLT’s Liver Support is to improve and support liver health, and the formula looks like it will do precisely that. A full serving of the supplement includes 250mg each of beetroot and milk thistle, and 200mg each of dandelion and burdock root. You then have the heavier ingredients in a gram of inositol, half a gram of TUDCA, 700mg of ALA, zinc, selenium, 550mg of choline bitartrate, and BioPerine to help with absorption.

Htlt Liver Support Label

HTLT is confidently promoting Liver Support as one of the most comprehensive liver health products out there, and based on its formula; we have to agree. It’s not often you see brands put together dedicated organ health supplements; it’s usually something incorporated into an all-in-one type product, but on the odd occasion you do, the approach isn’t supremely complex.

HTLT has really done a good job crafting its liver health competitor, although it is worth noting the capsules in this product don’t total the usual 30 servings. Greg Doucette has opted for a more pre-workout like serving split where you get 40 regular servings at three capsules each or 20 if you want those full dosages mentioned above, but in that case it’ll last you just shy of three weeks.