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Introducing the growing Alien Supps and its colorful line of supplements

Alien Supps

Alien Supps is a bright and colorful, and still very new supplement company from Australia, which is now competing in a wide variety of popular categories. Despite the strong restrictions and regulations in the country, the brand brings together some solid formulas with impressive highlights in its competitive category products such as the pre-workout Uno and fat burner Lit.

A full serving of Alien Supps Uno has key ingredients like pure citrulline at a solid 6g to enhance muscle pumps, 100mg of the premium stimulant Zynamite, another premium pre-workout feature in EnXtra, and a solid 375mg of caffeine. Mainstream categories are always a great way to get an idea of a brand, and Uno is exactly that for Alien Supps, which continues its comprehensiveness throughout its expanding selection of supplements.

As mentioned, the complete collection of products from Alien Supps covers many different areas of the industry, including those mentioned earlier, the pre-workout Uno and fat burner Lit. There is also the full-spectrum EAA Rise for muscle recovery, the superfood formula Greens, and the two protein powders, the whey isolate Protein and the casein-based Custard.

You can get a closer look at all of the supplements from Alien Supps on its website, where you can purchase any of the items too. They’re all in a similar sort of price range, starting as low as $64.95 (47.56 USD) for Rise and going as high as Lit, the brand’s most expensive entry at $79.95 (58.54 USD) with many retailers in Australia and New Zealand also stocking Alien Supps.