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Laperva puts a solid 20g of protein into its delicious-looking Peanut Protein Bar

Laperva Peanut Protein Bar

The hugely popular sports nutrition and functional brand Laperva, available from the many DNP locations across Dubai, has dropped another protein snack. If you’re a fan of the brand at all, you’ll know it has many different products in the functional space, in several shapes and sizes, ranging from high-protein doughnuts to a keto-friendly cola beverage.

The latest from the company is the delicious-looking Laperva Peanut Protein Bar, featuring a protein-packed doughy base, a layer of caramel and peanuts on top of that, and all wrapped in tasty chocolate. You can get a glimpse of the snack in the image above, and it is not short on nutrition with 20g of protein, 3.3g of carbohydrates, and 4.9g of fat.

Laperva’s all-new Peanut Protein Bar is available now from its major retail partner DNP, at a price of 9.5 AED (2.59 USD) for a single bar or 96 AED (26.14 USD) for a box of a dozen.

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