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Original Hot Fudge Sundae flavor now in the Cake Style version of the Tasty Pastry

Legendary Foods Hot Fudge Sundae Tasty Pastry

Hot Fudge Sundae was one of the last new flavors we saw Legendary Foods release for its original, delicious, and impressively lean Tasty Pastry before it focused on the Cake Style Tasty Pastry. For those not familiar with that version of the protein snack, not only is it thicker, creamier, and more cake-like, it has a much better nutrition profile compared to the first version of the Tasty Pastry.

While the product is not listed on Legendary Foods’ own website yet, there is now a Cake Style edition of that original Tasty Pastry flavor, Hot Fudge Sundae. There is a listing for the product over on Amazon with all of the correct pictures, although the title and description appear to be for the regular Hot Fudge Sundae Tasty Pastry, saying it has 15g of protein per pastry and 14 per box.

The full nutrition profile on Legendary Foods’ seemingly all-new Hot Fudge Sundae Cake Style Tasty Pastry start with 20g of protein, 8g of fat, 24g of carbohydrates with 8g of that fiber and only a gram sugar, and 180 calories. Those macros are around the same as the many other flavors of the Cake Style Tasty Pastry with the menu now at a total of seven thanks to Hot Fudge Sundae.