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German gaming brand LevlUp teams up with ELoTRiX for a Shiny Fox flavor

Levlup Shiny Fox Gaming Supplement

LevlUp is a Germany-based gaming supplement company that, like a few others, tends to do frequent flavor collaborations, mostly with its many ambassadors. The formula behind the product isn’t all that impressive, featuring an energy drink-like mix of taurine, guarana, caffeine, ginkgo, green tea, and a sizeable 1g of tyrosine, all to help boost your in-game energy and focus.

To start the week, LevlUp has dropped another one of those ambassador collaborations, this time teaming up with gamer and YouTuber ELoTRiX for a flavor called Shiny Fox. The German brand doesn’t provide a flavor description on its website, although judging by its marketing material, LevlUp and ELoTRiX’s Shiny Fox flavor looks to be a tangy blend of sour peach ring candy and lime.

Shiny Fox can be purchased starting today through LevlUp’s website, where it is reasonably pricey compared to other gaming supplements we know of at €39.99 (47.47 USD) for a tub of 40 servings. In saying that, the brand is running a sale right now, that includes Shiny Fox and gets you two tubs for the price of one, or buy one get one free using the coupon code “FOX”.

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