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Battery combines lime and chili in its latest limited edition energy drink

Limited Edition Battery Charge Lime Chili

Battery is a popular, well-distributed, and tasty energy drink brand hailing from Finland, and it has a great selection of beverages, including regular, no-calorie, fruit juice-infused, and special edition options. The brand is now rolling out another one of those limited-time tastes, which we have full details on, and have to admit, it sounds like an interesting experience.

The product is officially named Battery Charge, and it is a version of its sugar energy drink with about 36g of carbohydrates in a can, 34g of that sugar, and 155 calories. It features a sleek black-colored can with a lime-green electric line running through it, and as for the flavor, it is a unique combination of lime and chili, making for a seemingly fruity and sour taste.

As mentioned, Battery’s lime and chili-flavored Battery Charge energy drink is rolling out to stores and stockists in Finland this month, and you, of course, get the brand’s usual amount of caffeine at 105mg for energy.

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