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Macro Mike revamps its Performance Range although without impressive dosages

Macro Mike Revamped Performance Range

Australian brand Macro Mike is first and foremost a functional brand, with a variety of baking mixes, protein powders, and snacks available, although this month, it has decided to focus more on its sports nutrition side. Macro Mike has decided to revamp three of its common category supplements in Pre-Workout, Plant-Based Aminos, and the superfood formula Super Greens.

The new versions of Super Greens and Plant-Based Aminos are relatively straightforward, especially the latter, which features three greens ingredients in barley grass, spirulina, and kale. The product’s label doesn’t list dosages for any of the main ingredients, or even a combined blend total, although that’s not the case for the other two Macro Mike releases.

The revamped Plant-Based Aminos comes with all nine EAAs to support muscle recovery at a combined 3.7g of EAAs, with the majority of that being the three all-important BCAAs at 3.1g. Macro Mike has also included glutamine at a gram per serving and an incredibly low 75mg of taurine. It is great to see the brand all nine EAAs, but we definitely would’ve liked to see a higher dose.

Macro Mike Performance Range

The last updated sports nutrition supplement from Macro Mike is the category-named Pre-Workout, which is a little more advanced than those others, although still fairly simple and low dosed. The brand’s pre-workout has 2.5g of BCAAs, a gram each of arginine and beta-alanine, a very low 1.25g of citrulline compared to the typical 4 to 6g, and 400mg of tyrosine.

You can get a closer look at all of Macro Mike’s new sports nutrition products on its website, and they have had their branding updated slightly with more colorful, flavor-themed designs. The formulas are far from what you get in reputable and dedicated sports nutrition companies, although, as mentioned, the brand is first and foremost a functional brand.