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Magnum previews its sleek new branding on its fat burner Carne Diem

Magnum Rebrand On Carne Diem

Canadian supplement company Magnum has had many different looks over the years, some more eye-catching than others, although they’ve always had a good amount of flare and color. For 2021, The mainstream brand is once again changing the look of its supplements, and it has previewed that makeover on its carnitine-based fat burner, Carne Diem.

You can get a good look at Magnum’s rebrand in the image above, keeping with that standout color, which for Carne Diem is still a shade of orange. While the brand has kept the signature colors for its latest look, you’ll notice it comes with a more modern and refined design, giving off the feeling of being more serious without the big, bold fonts of the past.

Magnum simply seems to have taken a sleeker and really more serious approach, and it is quite a change, especially when you compare the new Carne Diem side-by-side to the current one and its chrome orange label. We suspect we’ll be seeing more of the brand and its refreshed look over the next few months, with availability in stores likely to roll out gradually.