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Limited edition Ghost Berry flavor coming to Arez Titanium for Halloween

Modern Hardcore Ghost Berry Arez Titanium

Modern Hardcore Nutrition has done a fair amount since it came onto the scene near the middle of last year, although something we’ve yet to see from the brand is a themed flavor. Alternatively, branded products and special edition options have become quite common in the industry, and in the spirit of Halloween, Modern Hardcore is getting in on the action.

The brand has put together a limited-time taste for its more recent pre-workout, Arez Titanium, and the flavor is a Ghostbusters-inspired Ghost Berry. Modern Hardcore Nutrition has kept the label design for its Ghost Berry Arez Titanium the same as all of its other options of the pre-workout but with red accents and a Ghostbusters-like graphic by the flavor.

With the product themed around and created in the spirit of Halloween, Modern Hardcore Nutrition won’t be releasing it until the last few weeks of October. Fans will be able to purchase the special edition Ghost Berry Arez Titanium in retail stores thanks to the brand’s domestic distributor Sportlife and directly from its website at $42.99 for a tub of 25 servings.