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Naughty Boy doubles its SickPump Synergy menu with another three flavors

Naughty Boy Sickpump Synergy New Menu

Rolling out this coming week in the UK from Naughty Boy is a bunch of new flavors for its first-ever spin-off supplement SickPump Synergy, an extension, of course, of the regular SickPump. The product separates itself from the original by combining pump-enhancing ingredients with nootropics to enhance focus, making for a more comprehensive, stimulant-free pre-workout.

At the moment, Naughty Boy’s SickPump Synergy is available in three flavors with Lemon & Crime, Bondi Peach, and the uniquely-named, Strongbro. The all-new additions coming to that menu are the candy-themed Sour Gummy Bear, Fruit Dwella, and the mysteriously named Moody Blue, which, as mentioned, are launching in the brand’s local UK market later this week in 20 serving tubs.