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PhD Nutrition fills in a lot of gaps with its health and wellness focused Life Series

Phd Nutrition Life Series

The Life Series is an extensive collection of supplements recently released by the UK-based brand PhD Nutrition, and when we say extensive, we do indeed mean it. It includes all sorts of products geared towards health and wellness type categories more than sports nutrition, and it doesn’t just stick to your traditional pill or flavored powder formats.

PhD Nutrition’s Life Series has an impressive 18 different supplements; some of those are the same product in an alternative format, such as the nootropic Mind, which is available in capsules, powder, and squeeze packs. Other items making up the collection include the joint formula Move, Boost for immune health, and Reset for complete sleep support.

The remaining entries in the Life Series from PhD Nutrition are a second nootropic supplement named Relax, a gut and digestion product in pill, powder, and gummies, the multivitamin Vital, and the meal replacement Complete Meal Solution. It is quite a comprehensive collection, and it fills several gaps in the brand’s lineup, which was already incredibly deep.

There is a dedicated Life Series section on the PhD Nutrition website where you can read all about any of the 18 different supplements and purchase them. Their prices are not all the same but are balanced with every item in the line costing either £15, £20, or £25, except for the squeeze gels and effervescent tablets at £7.50 and £7, respectively.

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