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Scitec brings together five sources for its carbohydrate formula SuperCarb Xpress

Scitec Nutrition Super Carb Xpress

Over the past month or so, we’ve seen more of the European supplement company Scitec Nutrition than the past year with the release of several products, and they’re all entirely new. It started with the launch of the brand’s refreshing fruity protein powder ISO Clear Protein, then we saw the plant-based 100% Vegan Protein, and most recently, Collagen Xpress.

Scitec Nutrition is keeping the launches coming this week with the rollout of another Xpress-named supplement in SuperCarb Xpress. It is indeed a rather straightforward carbohydrate powder providing 44g of carbs per serving. That comes from a variety of sources, with maltodextrin being responsible for more than half, alongside Palatinose, waxy maize, oat flour, dextrose.

The more surprising part about Scitec Nutrition’s SuperCarb Xpress is it’s Apple Pear flavored, not unflavored, which is something most carbohydrate products are for easier stacking. The supplement is out now in the UK and Europe in 1kg bags, enough to provide 20 servings with that 44g of carbs in each, although you can, of course, divide it up to fit your macros.