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SmartSweets puts its spin on the classic cola bottle candy with only 3g of sugar

Smart Sweets Cola Gummies

The always creative candy company SmartSweets, which specializes in impressively low-sugar and low-calorie candy, has a fresh new entry in its family this week with Cola Gummies. It is the functional brand’s take on the classic cola-flavored and bottle-shaped gummy candy made with a plant-based formula and featuring only 3g of sugar in an entire tasty 50g bag.

The full nutrition profile for SmartSweets’ all-new Cola Gummies is zero protein and fat, 42g of carbohydrates with 13g of that fiber, 11g of allulose, and 3g of sugar, giving you 18g of net carbs and 100 calories. SmartSweets gummy candy is a great alternative to traditional sugar-filled treats with impressive sweetness for almost no sugar, which we imagine continues in its latest creation.

SmartSweets Cola Gummies are already in stock and available from the brand’s online store at $39.48 for a pack of 12 bags, working out to $3.29 each. For slightly less than that, there is also the Cola Gummies Szn Kit with six bags of the sweet-looking low-sugar candy plus a limited Cola Gummies lookbook and sticker set, altogether costing half the 12 pack at $19.74.