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Two new tastes added to Swedish Supplements’ uniquely named pre-workout

Swedish Supplements Crazy Mango I Am Fucked Up

Hardcore supplement company Swedish Supplements, of course, based out of Sweden, has not one but two new tastes for its stimulant-powered pre-workout I Am Fucked Up. The creatively-named product already has quite a few flavors to choose from, including the likes of Sour Cola, Supercar Candy, the intriguing Energy Drink, Forest Raspberry, and Angry Pineapple.

The latest additions to Swedish Supplements’ I Am Fucked Up lineup are fruity-themed, like most of its other options, introducing a straightforward Strawberry and Crazy Mango. Both of the products are available now in Sweden as well as other European countries stocking the brand and featuring I Am Fucked Up’s usual formula with 300mg of caffeine and 3g of beta-alanine.