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Trained By JP puts premium GoldenOmega in its second Oh-Mega supplement

Trained By Jp Nutrition Oh Mega Pharma Pro

Jordan Peters’ ever-growing supplement company Trained By JP Nutrition has released another product separate from the one we saw just four days ago in Osteo Pro. The second supplement from the brand in a week is Oh-Mega Pharma Pro, featuring high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade GoldenOmega omega oils, which is reflected in its price tag when compared to your more common omega competitor.

Trained By JP Nutrition’s Oh-Mega Pharma Pro has 30 servings a bottle, with six softgels making up each of those servings. That is, of course, a lot of room for solid dosages, and that is what you get in the product, with a serving providing 4.8g of omega-3s, broken down into 3g of EPA and 1.2g of DHA. Per softgel that works out to 800mg of omega-3s and the EPA and DHA at 500mg and 200mg, respecitvely.

Oh-Mega Pharma Pro is now available from Trained By JP Nutrition’s online store, and, as mentioned, it is more than your typical omega-3 supplement at £34.99 (47.96 USD).