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Wawan puts a bunch of bite-sized high protein wafers into a small 500g bucket

Wawan Gorilla Protein Wafer

The popular Middle Eastern supplement company and retailer Wawan Protein, has released a new protein product called Gorilla Protein Wafer, which took us a little while to figure out preciously what it is. Initially, we thought it was some sort of mass gainer or protein powder as it comes in what looks to be a large bucket, something you typically see mass proteins packaged in.

Wawan Protein’s Gorilla Protein Wafer is actually a small, 500g bucket filled with light, bite-sized wafer pieces that are high in protein, have no added sugar, and are dark chocolate-flavored. The product highlights 22g of protein on its label, however we don’t know if that’s per serving or bucket, and for whatever reason the brand does not list any nutrition details on its website.

Wawan Protein’s newest product is indeed quite unique, despite taking us a few minutes to figure out what it is from its picture. Images make it look like a 5,000g bucket of protein, although it is, as mentioned, a 500g bulk bucket of protein wafer bites, which is not something we’ve seen before. You can purchase it now from Wawan’s online store at 5 KD (16.61 USD) per bucket.