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4+ Nutrition finally comes to the US through Amazon with three functional products

4 Plus Nutrition In The Us

The Italian supplement company 4+ Nutrition, which is very popular in Europe and widely available in its home country, has finally made its way to the US market. This is a move we heard the brand was planning to make several times over the years, although today it has officially happened, and you can now purchase 4+ Nutrition from the online giant Amazon.

4+ Nutrition only has a small selection of products in the US to start, and by small, we mean compared to the absolutely giant catalog of supplements and functional foods it has in Italy. There are three products from the brand on Amazon with the Walo Protein Bar, Low Sugar Bar, and the high-protein, low-sugar, and sweet-tasting spread, Temptation Creamy.

Each of those 4+ Nutrition items has a handful of flavors to choose from, including Nutty Dream, White Choco Desire, and Pistacchio for Temptation Creamy. As for the protein bars, the Low Sugar Bar has four options, while the Walo Protein Bar has three, although it is the higher-protein snack of the two, and for us, it is the more enjoyable one of the two.

We will admit, the prices of the 4+ Nutrition products from Amazon are somewhat expensive, although seeing as they’re imported all the way from Italy, that’s not too surprising. Jars of Temptation Creamy are $14.90 or $15.90 for the Pistacchio flavor, the Low Sugar Bar is $3.49 a bar for a box of 20, and the Walo Protein Bar is $2.99 a bar for a bulk amount of 30 bars.