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Italy’s 4+ Nutrition gets in on the gummy trend with caffeinated cola gummies

4 Plus Nutrition Sport Gummies Energy

On several occasions over the past few months, we’ve mentioned that gummy format supplements have been growing and growing. We’ve seen brands entirely dedicated to gummies hit the market, as well as already-established sports nutrition companies, get in on the action. The trend isn’t limited to the United States either, as international names have jumped on it, which is precisely what we have for you today.

The bright and eye-catching Italian supplement company 4+ Nutrition has introduced its first-ever gummy style product with Sport Gummies + Energy. They are indeed small bite-sized gummy candies in the one Cola flavor, and they provide a nice boost in energy. The interesting part is the brand has made the serving size of Sport Gummies + Energy quite large, so you have to throw down a lot of them for the benefit.

4+ Nutrition’s Sport Gummies + Energy give you a nice 80mg of caffeine per serving, although there are ten 6g gummies per serving, which also provide 45g of carbohydrates with 30g of that sugar, and 199 calories. You don’t, of course, have to eat all ten of the gummies if you don’t want to, but the added benefit of the supplement is energy, and if you stop at say two gummies, you’re looking at only 20mg of caffeine.

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