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4+ Nutrition announces a fourth flavor for its more decadent Temptation Creamy spin-off

4 Plus Temptation Creamy Selection Pink Choco Deluxe

Temptation Creamy is a delicious low-sugar and high-protein spread from the Italian sports nutrition and always creative functional brand 4+ Nutrition, and it comes in a tasty variety of flavors. There is also the spin-off Temptation Creamy Selection which is not as low in calories but aims for a slightly richer and more decadent experience, sort of like a gourmet version.

4+ Nutrition is now getting ready to release another flavor of Temptation Creamy Selection, currently with three options available in Supreme Tiramisu, Nocciolatte, and Red Fruits Cheesecake. Set to join the delicious lineup sometime soon is a chocolate recipe called Pink Chocolate Deluxe, packed with all of the product’s usual highlights of high protein and low sugar.