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Birthday Cake comes to All Stars’ high-carbohydrate and calorie Oat Cake

All Stars Birthday Cake Oat Cake

The popular and widely distributed European giant All Stars, has a new flavor on the market this month for its on-the-go Oat Cake, and if you like it, you’ll want to get in quick as it is a limited launch. While Oat Cake is from a supplement company that is more than familiar with high-protein snacks, it is not high in protein, with only 4.2g in a hefty 80g bar.

All Stars’ Oat Cake is, of course, an oat-based bar, and with very little protein, it obviously has a lot of carbohydrates coming in at 44g with just under half of that sugar at 20g, a hefty 20g of fat, and 378 calories. As for the new flavor temporarily added to its menu, it is Birthday Cake, featuring a sweet yogurt coating covered in colorful rainbow sprinkles.

You can purchase All Stars’ limited edition Birthday Cake flavor of Oat Cake through its online store at €1.89 (2.19 USD) for a single high-carbohydrate and high-calorie cake or €22.69 for a box of a dozen, which works out to that same price per cake.