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AllMax drops a stimulant-free version of Rapidcuts and it costs just $16.99

Allmax Nutrition Rapidcuts Thermo

AllMax Nutrition now has another advanced fat-burning supplement to go alongside its mainstream, stimulant-powered competitor already in the category with Rapidcuts Shredded. The similarly named Rapidcuts Thermo is the Canadian company’s latest effort, and despite being without stimulants, it still aims to deliver some typical weight loss benefits.

Rapidcuts Thermo is designed to enhance metabolism and thermogenesis, reduce appetite, and support overall fat loss. Once again, the newest AllMax Nutrition product looks to do all of this with a completely stimulant-free formula. Because of that feature, fans stack Thermo with Rapidcuts Shredded for combined and comprehensive weight loss support.

Allmax Nutrition Rapidcuts Thermo Label

The facts panel for AllMax Nutrition’s Rapidcuts Thermo can be seen in the image above, and it is packed full of common fat-burning ingredients, including half a gram each of green tea, green coffee bean, and CLA. Like almost every other supplement out there, the brand has thrown in some premium ingredients as well, with CaloriBurn grains of paradise and GBBGo GBB.

Rapidcuts Thermo is now in stock and available through AllMax Nutrition’s website, and it is a relatively cost-effective product. A bottle of 20 full servings featuring those dosages mentioned above will cost you $16.99. The brand also has a deal in its online store where if you grab a 2lb tub of ISOFlex protein powder at $39.99, you can pay just $10 more and get Thermo.