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Alpha Sports combines vitamins and electrolytes for its no sugar Hydrade drink

Alpha Sports Hydrade Sport Fuel

Alpha Sports Nutrition has a new sports drink on the market this week in Hydrade Sport Fuel, which brings together a fairly typical blend of ingredients for this type of supplement. Hydrade aims to do much the same as most other sports drinks, and it is something that it hints at right in its name with a hydration and performance-supporting beverage.

Hydrade Sport Fuel features well-dosed vitamins and a variety of electrolytes, as well as pink Himalayan sea salt, all without any sugar and reasonably low calories per half-liter bottle at 27. As mentioned, the whole goal of the product is to give fans something to have on the go or conveniently during exercise to support hydration and performance.

Alpha Sports Nutrition hasn’t launched Hydrade Sport Fuel in just one flavor; it has three to choose from right out of the gate, and once again, they have absolutely no sugar. They’re also naturally flavored and sweetened, with the Hydrade options being Blueberry, Wildberry, and the tangerine creation named Naartjie.