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Traditional Blue Raspberry flavor comes to Ambrosia’s mushroom-enhanced pre-workout

Ambrosia Blue Raspberry Kinetic Pre Workout

It wasn’t that long ago; in fact, it was only two months back the Ambrosia Collective launched its first-ever competitor for the saturated pre-workout category with Kinetic. The supplement does things a little differently, combining common pre-workout ingredients, including the likes of creatine, alpha-GPC, and caffeine, with the brand’s own blend of performance-enhancing mushroom extracts.

Ambrosia Collective’s Kinetic came to market in just two flavors with Strawberry Guava and Watermelon Candy, and despite how young the supplement still is, the brand has just dropped another option. Now available alongside those original two tastes is something a little more traditional in Blue Raspberry, which is in stock and available from this week through the Ambrosia online store.