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Ambrosia’s eye-catching Kinetic branding is rolling out to the rest of its lineup

Ambrosia Collective Black And Yellow Rebranding

When the Ambrosia Collective released its first-ever pre-workout Kinetic, infused with performance-enhancing mushrooms, it was impossible not to notice its alternative branding. The company from Sean Torbati, Marc Lobliner, and Mike Rashid colored Kinetic in an eye-catching black and yellow, which is very different from its usual brown and grey.

We thought that black and yellow branding was simply an exclusive look for Kinetic as it was a significant launch for Ambrosia, as mentioned, being its first pre-workout. It turns out that’s not the case, as the collective company simply debuted the new look on Kinetic, and it is going to gradually roll out across the rest of its reliable lineup of products.

The next two supplements updated with Ambrosia’s branding have now been made available in the powder version of its original nootropic Mental Jewels and the MCT formula Fuerte. You can check them out in the brand’s online store, where it is also running a sale for Halloween with 15% off everything plus a free limited edition tee on orders over $120.